Questions & Answers to Freeze Fat


What is Cooltech?

Cooltech is a mechanical device from a company in Spain called CocconMedical, we use this machine to destroy fat cells in a particular area.

How does this Cooltech treatment work?

The machine has two handles which we use to place over localised fatty pockets. The techniques we use is very cold temperature where we can work to -5 degrees Celsius and vacuum which creates an Apoptosis effect in the fat layer. What this basically means is we are mechanically freezing the lipids inside of the fat cell for destruction to take place. Our body then has the ability to eliminate toxins through the lymphatic system via white blood cells.

Where do the fat cells go?

Once the Crystallization process has begun, it is vital to massage the area to assist with breaking up the adipocyte (fat cell) once the fat cells has been shattered into smaller particles it triggers off a fighting effect where our white blood cells engulf all the foreign matter and it is then entered into our lymphatic system for elimination to take place. Please note that you may have detox symptoms after treatment.

Which areas can we treat?

The areas we can treat are most problematic areas such as the arms, bra bulges, love handles, lower abdomen, the flanks, saddle bags, back fat, inner and outter leg, buttocks and knees. This is not a procedure for weight loss or for people who are obese. It works best for people who have isolated pockets of resistant fat.

Who is the right candidate for the treatment?

It is important that the right client selection is done correctly for optimal results, the client should not have a BMI over 30, the client should not have a sedentary lifestyle and the areas that are suitable to treat are pockets of fat.

The best candidate is someone who is in relatively good shape, but has modest areas of fat bulges that they’d like removed such as a muffin top. It is not an alternative to a healthy diet or lifestyle. Depending on the size of the candidate you will need 2-3 sessions every 45 days

How soon can results be seen?

Results can be seen already 2 weeks after the first treatment however optimal results take between 1-3 months as the eliminating process is very slow.

What can you do to speed up and enhance the results?

What is very important for the client to do when she leaves the salon is to drink atleast 2L of water a day to flush out the toxins in the body, a 30 minute cardio exercise routine also helps to increase blood and lymphatic flow and a healthy diet helps to maintain the healthy lifestyle. If the client has a Power late at home this will also be a great way to increase lymph flow and blood flow and speed up the results.

What can the clients expect during treatment?

The initial feeling when the applicator is applied is that the skin is being pulled intensely into a vacuum. The cooling process then begins which might sting or feel uncomfortable for the first 10 minutes. Thereafter the area feels cold and numb. The procedure takes one to three hours depending on the amount of areas being treated. When the applicator is removed, the treated fat feels cold and hard to the touch. The therapist then does a manual massage of the treated area which quickly reduces the hardened effect.

What can you expect after treatment?

After treatment a massage is vital in order to start the break up process of the adipocyte cell. The massage action is uncomfortable as we flood the area with blood which creates a burning sensation this can last between 5-30 minutes all depending on the area you have treated. The client will have bruising and have sensitivity in the area for +- 1 week.

How many treatments are recommended?

This will all depend on the area and how much fatty tissue there is. The protocol is that between 1 and 3 treatments are needed depending on the thickness of the resistant fat. Treatments can be repeated at 45 day intervals.We find after the second treatment people are satisfied as you can have a 20% reduction of fat after 1 session.

Is Cooltech safe?

Yes the procedure is safe there has been extensive studies which have taken place, only the fat cells are affected when using this machine. Once the fat is destroyed it goes into the lymphatic system and is eliminated so there is no change with a cholesterol test. There can be a risk of adverse effects such as reddening of the skin, bruising and temporary burning however all these effects are normal and may take between 1-3 weeks to heal which can vary for person to person. The machine has CE medical certification and the FDA approval is pending.

Can this treatment be done on every skin type?

Yes the treatments can be done on any skin type and colour.

What is Cryolypolisis Fat Freezing?

Cryolipo Fat Freezing is a safer alternative to liposuction. Cryolipo Fat Freezing is a CE approved – FDA Pending procedure which involves cooling fat in pockets to remove resistant fat from the body by natural methods. The goal of Cryolipo is to remodel the shape of the body and improve bulges of resistant fat. The concept of this procedure is to freeze fat cells into crystals which causes the fat cell to be destroyed .This destroyed fat cell is then slowly metabolized by natural pathways of the body over a period of 6 to 12 weeks.

Why would one use the Cryolipo Fat Freezing by Coccon available at Reshape Slimming branches?

1. Faster treatment time: At Reshape Slimming, the CocconCryolipo Fat freezing has dual applicators (2 heads) so you can treat 2 areas at a time which helps with faster treatment times. Other cryo technology devices only have a single applicator head so one can only treat one area at a time.

2. Lower treatment cost: CocconCryolipo Fat freezing has no head disposables thus at Reshape Slimming we can offer the fat freezing procedure at a much lower cost than other technologies out there making it more affordable for patients. One area can be treated from R4 500. Two areas is priced from R7 500

3. Safety: Coccon, a company based in Spain, has had many years of research and experience in cooling technology and this extended cryo technology research has helped Coccon to better understand what optimal cooling levels are so that one can safely achieve body contouring through fat reduction.

4. Better Lymph drainage: CocconCryolipo Fat freezing which is CE Approved- FDA Pending has incorporated “vibration technology” into the cryo technology procedure which reduces pain associated with the treatment, facilitates better lymph drainage and leads to better results as compared with other cooling technologies.

What can be expected after this procedure?

Several days after the procedure, the cooled fat cells begin a process called “apoptosis” and begin to shrink. These damaged fat cells are slowly metabolized over several months by our bodies and removed through the liver. Cold Technology is highly effective and is producing consistent results for local areas of fat like the love-handles or ‘man-boobs’. Larger areas of fat may require more invasive treatments such as tummy tuck or traditional liposuction. With the Cryotechnology you will start seeing results after 4-12 weeks.

How does Cryolipo Fat Freezing work?

One or two suction and cooling heads (independently controlled) with large surface areas are placed on the areas to be treated. The Cryolipo cooling heads generate a vacuum that temporarily decreases blood flow to the treated area, immobilising the fat tissue, and isolating the treated area from surrounding tissue.

Low temperature (0° C to – 5 °C depending on the thickness of the fat which is measured before the treatment with special callipers), is then applied to the area in a controlled process, ‘freezing’ the localised area for a controlled period of time. If you feel too uncomfortable with the cold, let your therapist know. Once the cooling procedure is completed, the fat cells are liberated into the lymphatic system and gradually eliminated by the body’s natural metabolic process. Skin isn’t damaged, but subcutaneous fat, which is more sensitive to targeted cold, begins a two-month destruction after exposure to Cryolipo Fat Freezing

Cryolipo fat freezing has incorporated “vibration technology” which helps with better lymph drainage and leads to better results.

When can one begin to see the results from Cryolipo Fat Freezing treatments?

Studies showed an average loss of 2 – 3 cm which can be seen after 45 days in the treated area. The results are delayed and take from 8 weeks to 6 months to be noticeable and optimal. More than one treatment per area may be needed to achieve the desired result depending on the initial amount of fat to be reduced. The results are visible within a short time frame but a final result is usually attained after 3 to 4 months.

What are the possible side effects associated with the Cryolip Fat Freezing procedure?

Side effects are usually mild and related to the end cooling temperature of the treatment. After the treatment, there is a mild burning sensation which usually subsides within 10 minutes. Skin may be red for several minutes to several hours. On certain areas bruising may occur which usually resolves after 7 to 14 days. If this persists for more than that you should contact your doctor/ clinic. Other side effects may include temporary bruising, tingling, tenderness or temporary dulling of sensation. Some patients report mild abdominal cramping the first night after the procedure.